• Looking for a laid back server! Look no further!
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                                       |No Man's Land|                        Looking for a laid back server! Look no further!                                                                          ALL PLAYERS WELCOME                                      24/7 Admin support                                        Frendly Staff                                   X3 Delicious Magic Loot                                           NO DECAY                                                   Loving Discord                                      No Age Restrictions                                   No Microphone Restrictions                                                                                                                                                                    ADMINS:                                                                          ManBearPigReturns                                         vdkhpwerse                                           Feels                                                                                         MODS:                                         DeathNotes                                       Enhanced Hammer                                          FancyDrop                                         Instacraft                                     Item Skin Ramdomizer                                            Kits                                         MagicLoot                                          NoDecay                                         NTeleport                                         QuickSmelt                                         RemoverTool                                         Signartist                                     StackSizeController                                          UGather                                                                                    RULES:                                        *No Cheating                                        *No Hacking                                        *No Glitching                                        *No Scripts                             *No Excess Microphone Or Chat Spamming                             *Swearing and vulgar remarks in excess                              will not be tolerated and will result                              in a temporary or permanent ban.                             *Racist remarks or comments will result                              in an immediate permanent ban from                                           the server.                              *For all of the above offenses a warning                              will be issued but can result in a                              temporary ban up to two weeks.                              If your behavior persists you will                              be permanently banned from the sever
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