• Facepunch DUO server
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I like playing Facepunch servers, but i hate when i get 6 people against me and i get fucked by them because they are in a majority. So with this post i'm asking if it is possible and if it is, if u can do a Facepunch SOLO/DUO official server. With kind Regards A rust player (Ant3ox)
Good luck with that as it probably wont happen. You are better off on a modded server
This most likely will not happen as for one of these servers to work you require active admins. Official servers do not have admins. If you search in community there are many duo servers
Lone Survivor(solo only), Ghost Wolf Gaming (solo/Duo/Trio) and Rustified Trio are all good vanilla servers that keep their pop throughout wipe. Wilsonator's is decent too, but modded for 1.5-2x gather and this one is solo only. Both the solo only servers are weekly wipes and monthly BP wipes, Wilsonnator's might be bi-weekly BP. The 2 Trio servers are both 2 month BP wipe and I believe Rustified is bi-weekly wipe and Ghost wolf is monthly map wipe. This all are good servers with non douche bag Mods, I just don't play on them anymore because I can't stand BPs wiping after the electric updates. The lone Survivor has some serious fucking sweat lords on it that puts all the Rustified and Rusty Moose servers to shame, so be warned, that is a try hard KOS server.
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