• Rust RIP
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The game sells cheats Sell on the forum give free................. i play every day , we changed 20 servers , we are killed and we lose things, we lose lose, mood dies F7 Does not help!!!! Every day I write a complaint to the player, every day I do a report F7, and every day a cheater kills players Make a defense, make the moderators, the cheater took my home with a lot of resources, and no one will help in this situation I didn’t get upset to make a new house, but cheater destroyed it again mb and the offender was punished, but he bought a new Rust account for $ 1 and again he continues to kill everyone Some people put up Many are gone, and the new ones just kill Rust is an interesting and high-quality game, but if not violators, the game would have been in the top online for a long time. My friend was very angry with the intruder, and bought a cheat, he has been playing for a week already and I even complained about him through F7, but this does not stop him and he continues to play with the cheats Dear developers, just go to the official server with coffee, let it be RU 3, you might be surprised
This is not the place to report cheaters or complain about them. Also, no one is selling cheats anywhere on the forum
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