• Incorrectly Game Banned
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It's been 33 days since I've gotten incorrectly game banned by EAC. I've sent 3 emails that usually "vary from 3 to 14 days" EAC says, with no response. I've read the rules on this site where it says you have to contact EAC since they're the ones that have the answers, but when they don't respond where do I go? How will I get noticed? I won't. They banned my account, and they banned my hardware, just for playing with a cheater a couple of times. They say they scan PCs for software, but when you have no cheating software installed how would they think you're cheating with no evidence to support it? I'm here asking for help, for someone to get me in contact with an EAC representative. I've seen many instances online about other people that have also been incorrectly game banned and hardware banned, and they say it takes at least a month or longer to get unbanned, but that's if you know someone inside and are friends with a developer. Why should it take months when on EAC's website they say response takes 3-14 days, it's ridiculous. This post will probably not help anything and it'll probably get locked, but there's nowhere else to turn. So if anyone can help me get in contact with someone from EAC i'd be very grateful.
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