• I have a question about hosting a server
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So I was thinking about hosting a modded rust server, but I don't know what server hosting company to use. Any suggestions? Also I don't know if they exist but is there servers that are a one time payment?
A simple google search yielded this : [URL="http://comparegamehosting.com/game/rust/"]http://comparegamehosting.com/game/rust/[/URL] I personally have been using host havoc and have had "fair" results with a few exceptions. Its going to have to be trial and error I am afraid. However, I would personally stay away from multiplay and HFB. As for your last question I am afraid I do not know of any one time purchases however, you could always build your own server on a dedicated comp as an option.
I use gameservers and yes you can pay up to a year in advance.
You guys can't be serious. Digging up a post from two years ago? Really? Hell...that was even me on my old alias who replied....two years ago.
try gameservers.com, for a starting host they are fairly cheap or you can run a server on your pc first to get an idea of what you want to do oxidemod, is a popular way to do a custom server. they moved to umod.com
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