• How do i report a cheater?
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Hello , how can i report someone who i scripting , he's been doing this for a lot of time and i have video proofs , he has been doing this shit for ages and hasn't been banned yet , please help
ingame - F7
Will i be able to report him directly ?
Do you think, facepunch has time, to do something with all the guys that wants personal contact with them, because they have "evidence"? You can report hackers with f7, or just contact the server owner of that server if he's willing to do that. If that cheater is doing it "for ages" , why do you even join that server? Do you like servers where server owners don't care about cheaters on their own server?
Im saying this beacuse this guy has videos on yt of him scripting , first of all , then i played ONCE with him and i wasn't sure if he was cheating or no , and we were on rustafied , so dont open your mouth and say bullshit like this :/, plus you didn't replied to my question but anyway
I did reply your question: You asked how to report, I answered : f7. If he is scripting, playing on rustafied for a long time, and making yt video's about it, it seems that or rustafied does not know about this, OR they do know about it and they are protecting him. Did you contact Rustafied? You know Rustafied is not official, they just used to know the Rust devs and are getting privileges where other server owners only can dream of? With the "server owners don't care about cheaters on their own server" : I'm running servers for almost 3-4 years: Everytime someone cheats, there will be at least 1 warning in the console! Iff point above is not true, players will notice weird things iff players notice weird raids or shots, they always contact me in the first place Iff I got noticed that someone cheats, I will go in vanish and watch him to see if strange things are happening. If someone is obvious hacking / cheating, they will get an Instant Server ban, no warnings given. The fact that you tell me he is making youtube video's about it, and doing this for a long time on servers like rustafied, tells me that something is not right on that server. OR they won't do the "watch thing", OR they know the guy personal and just let him be.
And why do you think anyone care about that? all he asked for was how can he report someone...
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