• adding a cryptocurrency to nodes (farming rewards)
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Hi Guys, I am reading a lot about cryptocurrencies lately and i passed one cryptocurrency that made brain goes wild. ( photon the site: Photon ) What if facepunch would add photon* ( *or whatever cryptocurrency is specialized in mircopayments in games ) to rust and we could get rewared for mining and playing rust. This basicly means that facepunch could earn money ( more crypto money ) and that a player in rust could earn cryptos while playing the game. Can you imagine the new dimension that will bring to rust and the possibility to trade, buy or even do realtime in-game transactions with other clans/players? I think it could be freaking insane. I am not advertising anything, but this made me think in a whole different way, and i just saw the huge potential for players like me that are investing hundreds and thousands of hours in rust. What do you think?
I think this idea is completely retarded. How would facepunch get the crypto in the first place. Why would they hand out cash (basically) to players. Umm, dude, you gotta think just a itty bitty tiny bit before posting nonsense.
Why do you think it is retared? Can you define it more? Basically i cant anwser your question, because you have no clue apparently how a cryptocurrency is working.
What?! Kid, stop talking. YOU need to go research how crypto works. Do you honestly think that from us hitting a node in a game will create crypto?! You have to be shiiting me
Because the idea is retarded. The game is poor optimized and you want to add mining crypto with you GPU or CPU ? No. thanks
You dont mine in the game with your cpu or gpu. The mining is already done by facepunch (for example ) you just get rewared in crypto for farming and playing rust.
so you don't know what is mining means
I think this is "good" idea in abstract. However it would bring even more cancer and crazy no-life attitude to the game (and we're already seeing posts about "OMG I need to log in every "x" hrs to upkeep base). This also will proliferate more bots and hackers... because if you follow/study crypto - you will know that if you can make money - Chinese and Russians (hackers) will be here, and if you can "make $$" off something - there will def be hacks and DDOS and various hacker wars (one hacker group DDOSing server to piss off another group). Especially if money is involved. So in summary - fuck NO! Great idea in abstract, but I want Rust to remain a videogame that I use to relax and for fun...not a 2nd job where I have to spend hours like in "Second Life" mining and selling pixels for RL $$ and paying additional fees for DDOS protection... Rust is a game. Don't try to corrupt it! /thread
It's an ambitious idea but there would be a whole bunch of terms and conditions facepunch would have to get the players that already bought the game to agree on. But why start on Rust why not all video games. Who knows what the future will bring. How do you know we are not mining data already without knowing! Lock up your children and keep a Pipey under your bed people!
I get what you are saying thank for highlighting the otherside of the story, but the reward that you are getting for being active ( farming )and for playing rust should be scaled to a level that it wont be attractive for hackers or bots. On the other hand Cant we avoid the hacker and bot part by accepting only profiles that are created of verified by amobile number? ( this would also be needed if you want to get rewarded. )
OHHH so you mean not only would facepunch develop a game, they also start crypto mining? WHAT!!? Dude, this is just stupid. Stop.
trust me. I worked in Forex for like 5+ years and played Eve Online for 12 yrs (where there is no "crypto" only fake ingame currency) and people are already making trades and crazy black markets set up for "pixel trading". I also played Diablo3 when it just came out and when they still had the "real $$ money Auction House", where items were selling for $200 - it was absolute insanity and people were paying hackers to find bugs and automate botting. Blizzard had to shut down this $$ AH maybe 4-6 months after its release. If you can make $0.02/hr (yes, 2 cents) - people will exploit it...because its passive income and can be automated and potentially scale to no limit (imagine 1000 transactions of 2 cents each, per hour, thats $20/hr) - just an abstract example, but thats how online transactions work in Forex and now in crypto. There are automated trading bots who do all this, its like the "core" of the Forex/crypto system. I can write a book about it here but I won't. As another example - $5/hr in US and most of EU is like less then minimal wage, so noone would bother, but in 2nd and 3rd world countries (Russia, China, Romania) $5/hr can go a long way. Thats actually more money then some people can make there with a legit job ($5/hr in Russia is equivalent of like $20 in US). Again - you have to look at it globally. Imagine "playing" a game in US and making $20/hr. I would prolly quit my job to do this (even if I'd take a slight salary hit) and I guarantee you hacking and "cyber-wars" would be rampant. So no, just no the idea won't work. Keep Rust as a game only. At least until company grows big enough to be like Blizzard (if that ever happens) and then you can "improvise" and invent new stuff.
If you want the game running worse, your computer to be louder and using more electricity and potentially shortening the life of the components or even destroying them especially laptops then this is a great idea. I hope you are trolling but its a real possibility that you are not so long answer short, this is the worst idea I have encourted so far.
God, I'm so sick of hearing about cryptocurrency.
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