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I probably should stop shitposting and start a development thread. I'm in the dark from facepunch and currently have nothing to do with them, so this is a community project with only me working on it ATM. It's in the latest build of unity 2017 and I own every asset available that legacy originally used. Apparently there was a lot of assets from the asset store. I'm also using forge networking and heavily modified ultimate survival as the baseline(yes that game that everyone asset flips on steam). It won't be exactly the same and it may never get done. What matters is that someone is working on redoing rust legacy and the passion is there. Not many people were around in 2013 to experience the game, but it was great while it lasted. The premise of the game is very different to what rust has become, but I'm here to show my "progress" not whine about how bad rust is now. yes I made this https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/365/63e33c25-f3a6-40a9-8d72-cfff8d681d04/isthisevenlegal.png Fear not though my fellow legacy people, the ultimate survival part has been almost completely altered and stripped down to replicate the feel of rust legacy. I'm currently running through the scripts and modifying them for forge networking compatibily. It's turning out to be quite the task but ultimate survival has of the best monosingletons I've seen to date. I will admit I'm not the greatest developer in the world but I feel like the legacy developers went through the same troubles I did and later ended up scrapping the entire game. cool thing from Ultimate survival I like and the new nostalgic drink https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/365/e5d141d2-292b-4d6c-b089-278c7739df47/general.png As for rust island 2013, the entire map has been remade(even wasteland). It involved lots up heightmap conversions and the eventual port of the terrain over to unity 2017. It's been fully re-textured and the textures look much sharper after running them through crazybump. The building models are getting re-textured seeing as they all look like complete garbage. Original zombies and animals are there. I don't care how bad those always walking zombies look they are going in anyways. All the original weapons are there along with their respective animations. I'm going full nostalgia mode with this game night time rust island 2018 from the top of mount ever-rust https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/365/86af15d9-b57a-4950-9ff2-87463cb9031a/rustIsland2017.png rust island 2013 in the morning because it looks cool https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/365/d5c01875-abcf-4e7d-908d-7d1461c1b6db/rustisland2017morning.png
I'm really excited to see more!
fuck.... dude, it's incredible
I wasn't around for legacy , can someone give me a tl'dr for why so many people say that legacy was better than current rust?
okay, you win. You now have my interest
I wouldn't call it nostalgia. It was absurdly different to what rust is now, and tripped a lot of the right nostalgia emotions. Even in 2013 legacy was tripping nostalgia emotions
Much simpler gameplay due to fewer resources fewer items to craft static loot spots and only one map high tier items dropped by easily killed zombie enemies It was possible to get and stay powerful much faster than modern Rust.
Well having to work harder for your gear sounds way more appealing to me , even though you could instantly loose a lot of your progress by getting killed , makes the game more intense IMO. And the variety in the random generated map is cool I think and the algorithm makes really good and convincing maps .
The thing that made rust island 2013 so appealing was that all loot was in very specific areas. A lot of people don't like the intensity and variety rust has currently(me for example). It cut off it's military style and moved towards an ugly looking grindfest. Just a big disappointment
Do you need a play-tester? I can look for bugs and exploits, or just even giving my opinion on the Re-design. If interested, please add me on steam: www.steamcommunity.com/id/Shadic2
OMG makes me miss the old rust! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/156341/5a7b5dad-3704-482c-b93e-40fa4ab28f3f/download.jpg
...Wow......Do you need a beta tester, my friend?
Your graphics are pretty good
Bought rust from legacy and played it like normal game got aorund 300-500 hours and i do not reember anything special, just survival game. New rust came and i know how they emade everytihng form scratch. Devblog 1-5 we were on flat land placing campfires and walking around and now game is better than old legacy rust. I said that and before. Legacy was good before they made new rust but same as everyone i have Nostalgia and played game cracked and via steam before they remove it for fun. It was awsome. Good project, i will still play new rust, but if someone can just use olb legacy and remake it would be even betetr. I am talking to use finished legacy game, or its copyright issues and not allowed. If facepunch has left both games like now we have Main and Stagging. Old version will not beat new rust but when you feel that Nostalgia you will be able to play it.
Rust Legacy Dev Blog #2 I'm not sure how/where to post things but I think I'm just going to daisy chain them off this thread
Is this still being worked on? This is what i been wanting for the longest time can't believe someone is this close, and willing to recreate in my opinion the best survival game. Just plz i ask as one of the biggest fans try and replicate the PvP as best as u can, no pvp in any other game was as fun and balanced as in this game hope to see a reply.
Bro, im working at same! Nice <3 Rust Legacy Reworked
I really Liked Rust Legacy, was a shame FP did pull it off servers. I Joined Rust when the Zombies were in the game and about a month later they removed and Replaced with Rad Animals Best Move EVER. Way to many games out there have zombies in it. Well I give you Good Luck on this. I know this is a Old Thread too. But Still Good Luck
This project died?
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