• Facepunch why is there so many hackers on your official servers?
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i get that there is really nothing you can do as for the anti cheat but how many times does one have to be reported for them to be investigated, on (facepunch us east 1) there are so many hackers from people using aimbot wiping me and my team from 200+ meters way with all head shots from an ak or the speed hackers that zip around at the speed of light just yesterday i lost a raid do to a guy running at the speed of sound through a door and instant head shot me and my friend idk what you can do but these hackers are vary blatant with there hacks maby you could get server mods but this is getting out of hand
I know bro. It's crazy. Literally just finished reporting the same hackers on US East 1. I don't know how many times it takes reporting these guys. It's crazy how easy it is for them. After US East 1 I decided to switch servers because it's unplayable with all the instant head shots I went to West 1. A team of Chinese hackers literally moved like 9 squares from my base. I reported them yesterday and Facepunch banned the cheater after 1 day but what about all the time lost? But the cheater is back with a different name and account. What really gets to me is there is are no repercussions to the people teaming with these cheaters. If you banned a cheater, AND the team harboring the cheater, then there would be consequences and ultimately leading to alot less cheating. Right now you feel empowered if you play with a cheater. When really they should feel paranoid as fuck about getting banned. That's how you're going to get rid of cheaters. Zero tolerance approach. Imagine how it feels 2 weeks wasted because some chinese hacking team decided to move across from me.
I know the feeling. I have been playing on a US West server and the hackers make life extremely difficult. There have been mutiple instances when I was killed by the same player while hiding in the bushes at night. I thought this was juse bas luck, but then I saw players saying the same player was making impossible shots at night. The obvious one was when I was sudden headed shotted mutiple times from a a great distance with a double barrel shot gun when I was behind cover. About 6-7 headshots occurred wit the span of 3 seconds. Not sure if that is the best way to describe it. I am not sure what solutions there are, but I am at the point that I will happily pay a small monthly fee to face punch if that helps kept the hackers away.
You could try playing on a Whitelisted only server. I think Rustafied Edge is one of them, you either sign up and get approved, or pay a small monthly fee. Where there is online gaming, there will be cheaters. This is unavoidable. No anti-cheat will evolve fast enough to counter the cheats being produced, and there will always be someone willing to risk the fee they spent on the game, simply to ruin someone else's day. There's honestly no way to change this, it has affected every single net-game that has existed. (Well, I assume there are exceptions, but, semantics). Again, community servers with active Admins (If you don't mind risking running into abuse potentially), or white-listed servers are good choices. Otherwise the best you can do is just report and know that they WILL eventually be caught and banned.
yea? well they could be more active and a bit faster on ddos attacks, and investigation - as well they could share ban lists between their servers. There is actually a lot that could be implemented - as seen in servers mentioned (whitelist servers) of which there are many.
Personally, banning the teamers with the cheater is going to be the best way forward. People gotta know teaming with cheaters is risky.
Most nonofficial server ban people by association and i know this from experience we have a trusted friend who we did not know he was hacking he had a low fov aim bot so i was so hard to tell we had our suspicions but we though he was just good than the next day we all got banned by association from that server i think face punch should do something like that.
how is he not banned? he is posting videos of hacking i had to watch it with out sound cuz im in school atm in a break period but does he show hax and how they work and gives the facepunch devs the source code or is he just uploading videos of him hacking if so im a fina report this cunt
I just thought of an idea, perhaps someone already thought of it though. Many games have a replay function regarding deaths and kills. What if a similar feature was added to Rust? When you the player dies, you have the option to click "replay death", and it shows a 10 second clip (maybe longer or shorter depending on your point of view), showing how you died. It would NOT be from the perspective of the person who killed you (that may lead potential abuse by having people use it to scout out positions), but it would be from your point of view. If from the video person appears to be hacking or cheating, you have the option to send that video with report. Such as system may cause strain on the game/servers since it would be keeping track of hundreds of players, but it is and idea. What do you all think?
there is no hack for rust lul
People who get banned from official servers just buys a new account for 3 euros from russian site and goes on the same server. Half of EU3 people are probably hacking or esp u cant do anything about esp either cause how do u know they have one? and u get raided by esp everytime if u have big base. Youtube is full of people showing hacks for rust where their showing all kinds of hacks. And theres many sites for hacks too. They should do if u get banned from server u cant join any server. Even if u would buy new account u couldnt play the game anymore with that computer. There havent been any uptades for preventing hacking lately but instead they made macro bannable and alot of people got banned for having software for mouse that comes with the mouse but their not real hackers with esp. Devs are doing nothing to prevent hackers and i think thats a big problem.
I think in the future you should have to connect all your accounts to an ID like pokerstars. Hackers would be banned via ID and for all to see. Also not like they can just go buy another identity that's legit. Easy way to fix it. If you don't have and ID I'm sure your too young to be playing this game anyway. blah blah blah anonymity go be anonymous on league of legends fuck not like you not hacking and having an identity connected to it hurts anyone.
I think that for official servers it would be enough to confirm the phone number, because the EAC and the reporting system are good, but vulnerabilities will always be found.
At least the hacker situation has improved significantly.
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