• Section Rules - I need an adult!
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Welcome to the Rust section! Please remember to wear pants and respect your fellow players. DESCRIPTIVE TITLES Please make sure your thread has a descriptive title. "WTF HEZZY YOU DICKHEAD!" is not a descriptive title. "HEZZY IS A DICKHEAD, HE BROKE CANADA 1 BY PUTTING DOWN A WINDMILL" is a descriptive title. REPORTING HACKERS This is not the place to report hackers. Please use the F7 menu in game to do this. It will now notify you on this website if a person you reported is banned. FLAMING / RACISM / HOMOPHOBIA / ETC There is no place for any of this on these forums. This is not like in game chat. If you do any of this, you will be banned from the forums. SERVER DOWN! DDOS! WTFBBQ We work to get the servers back up as soon as possible. We know when they go down. Posting about it doesn't help. I NEED HELP! You could post in the Help me section to get help from the community. Alternatively, you can put a ticket in on our official support website BAN APPEALS We do not handle ban appeals. EasyAntiCheat handle all bans. Please contact them on their website; >>>BAN APPEALS<<<
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