• Stuck on Receiving data
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i tried everything, steam as admin, rust as admin, and still nothing. it happens on more than 1 server, sometimes i load and sometimes not. also the kill command in console doesn't seem to fix the problem.
Try checking the validity of your game files.. (search how to validate game files on steam). Try reinstalling the game. If none of that works let me know and I'll add you on discord/Skype and help you from there.
I'm sorry to say that but these are basic stuff that I've already done and didn't work
Set the priority of your game to high. And disable steam overlay. Also you can try allocating more ram to rust through launch options. It sounds like it's a performance issue more than anything but it's hard to know since you give very little details.
i5-4690 GTX 970 16gb ram
Currently having the same issue... was anyone able to find a fix??? Acer aspire r5 geforce 940mx intel i7-7500U 2.70Gz 12 Gb Ram
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