• Hello, EAC told me to come ask you this.
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hey, ive been told by EAC to come here and ask you for this which is weird as you tell us to go to EAC and ask them, well ill send the same message to you as i sent to them Hello, Once I got a ban in Rust, and now if I buy a copy of the game on a completely new account, then after a while I get a ban, although I do not use any cheats, from which I can conclude, that my "hardware" is on your black list, I want to continue playing, but these bans complicate everything, so I ask you to remove my "hardware" from your database. "The GDPR law allows me to do this.
But Norway is not in the EU - just the EEA - wouldn't that mean you guys aren't covered by the GDPR? Just checked, and the GDPR does not appear to currently apply to Norway: https://www.wr.no/en/news/news/implementing-the-gdpr-in-norway/
do some more research before answering, GDPR Law has been added to Norway in July 20th 2018
Fair enough, but I am not Norwegian and found a source saying something different, so no need to get annoyed. I assume the source is out of date.
GDPR will come into force in Norway in just a few days - now the date is complete Last week, the privacy regulation GDPR was incorporated into the EEA, but only on July 20th it will enter into force in Norway.
Have you formatted your copy of Windows since the original ban? It's always possible that there's some dodgy files still hanging around that are causing you to be banned despite no longer cheating?
i know that its the hardware, as i have a email containing my hardware from EAC that they sent me before they told me to ask Facepunch for the unban
GDPR doesn't grant you the right to get rid of your ban bud. Lets take a quick read here: https://www.gdpreu.org/the-regulation/list-of-data-rights/right-to-erasure/ 1.The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller the erasure of personal data concerning him or her without undue delay and the controller shall have the obligation to erase personal data without undue delay where one of the following grounds applies: (a) the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed So the data collected from your hardware used to keep you banned (which its description of a "personal identifier" being already dubious to begin with) was collected with the express purpose of preventing you from playing facepunch games ever again. In short, that data can still be kept indefinitely as it is still needed for its purpose to prevent you from playing another facepunch game. But hey, feel free to hire a lawyer and take it up with EAC as they are the ones who handle the bans from them and Facepunch staff.
But hey, EAC told me to come here and ask Facepunch for an unban, and they why would they keep banning me when i dont even cheat? and havent done that in over 6 months.
Because you DID cheat once, you've already admitted to cheating anyway. Facepunch has a no tolerance policy to cheating, regardless of how long ago it was or if you keep buying accounts. This was literally all spelled out in the EULA that I highly doubt you read. Buy another computer or find another game, those are your options.
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