• My game lags pls help me
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My game framedrops from 130 fps to 1 on potato settings. It is very annoying because i lag when i am in figths and then i framedrop and then i can't move for 3 to 10 sec
First off, this is the wrong section. I've gone ahead and moved it to the correct one. Second, what are your system specs. What is your internet connection like, what servers are you connecting to. It's hard to solve problems with lag without that kind of information.
My system specs is: 8gb RAM, ASUS GeForce® PH GTX 1050Ti 4G and AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3,40 GHz Internetconnetion: Is pretty dank highest ping on servers is probably 100 So my specs are way over recommended. But i saw that it is the rust.exe lagging not my pc because i can still talk in discord when i framedrop. Server that i played on was Steam Community
You're specs aren't exactly way over, your RAM is at bare minimum and your card (depending what version) is only rocking 2-3 GB of VRAM. Rust is a very RAM hungry game, especially if you're playing on modded servers, and 8GB is basically the bare minimum especially when Windows alone is taking up about 1-3GB of the RAM itself. While this tutorial was originally written to help folks with game crashing, it is also useful for allocating more of your RAM specifically to the game. Give this a shot and see if you notice any improvement. Found fix for game crashing before loading in!
my game still doesn't work what can i do? I can refund it now because i have 59 hours on it.
File an offical support ticket https://support.facepunchstudios.com/hc/en-us
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