• EAC False-Positive Ban
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So yeah, I feel that I was falsely banned in Rust. I know most people won't believe me, but I seriously wasn't hacking. I simply want to play Rust again with my friend. I bought it for $30 on Monday (maybe Sunday). I kinda sucked at it, and after 4 hrs, I went to bed. I wake up the next day, turn on my monitor to a message that I was banned by EAC. I hope that someone here will believe me and help me find out if there's any way to be unbanned. Any answers are appreciated! Thank you for reading my message, and have a great day.
Hello you have reached the Face Punch Studio Automatic Response Service: If your thread is about a ban in Rust, try reading the following thread: READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/.. This has been an automated response.
https://www.crackinglords.com/topic/16393-blackbullet-v-216-cracked-by-cracksx/ Is this you downloading cracked aimbot programs about two weeks ago?
I don't have an account on that site.
Look, he's not the fucking retard who didn't bother to read a fucking forum sticky literally about bans before making a thread about your bad. I mean.. This has been an automated message brought to you by Garry, do not reply to this message.
alright, I'm sorry for this post, and thanks for directing me to where I could appeal it. Have a great day.
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