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so im gonna be completely honest, ive cheated in rust in the past, Im a very rude person by doing that, but it seems like that if i buy a copy of the game ever again, i get banned, ive tried now on 3 different accounts, ive reinstalled my computer and everything, i still get banned, i literally got banned 10 minutes ago for nothing, maybe its my computer that is banned from the game? is there a way that you can help me? or have you just given me the ban penalty forever? i wont ever cheat again after the first ban i got, cause i simply like the game too much to be one of those guys.. please consider unbanning my pc if thats the case.
Thanks for being honest, but we can't help you and we can't unban you. Find another game like Ark, as EAC flags your hardware and will reban you if you repurchase the game.
but there is no game like rust, rust is simply the best game out there , but its my fault, i made a very bad mistake and have to suffer for it... oh well thanks for the reply
The problem with giving cheaters second chances is that the probability that the majority of them will cheat again is 100%, and this was proven years ago with VAC. Valve originally VAC banned people for one year, assuming they'd learn their lesson. The percentage of banned users cheating and being VAC banned again immediately after their year ended was so high, Valve increased the VAC ban period to five years. The number of people who could not resist cheating even after getting off a five-year ban was so high that VAC bans are now permanent. EAC and the Rust devs are fully aware of the history of cheating and banning so they've already absorbed this lesson. Sorry, you cheated when you knew better and this is your punishment. Just like Valve had to permaban cheaters for not learning their lessons, EAC bans a cheater's hardware and bans them whenever it sees a new account on the same hardware pop up because that is precisely what cheaters would do -- get banned on one account, make a new Steam account, buy Rust again (often from shady key-selling sites at well below Steam store pricing), and keep on cheating. So you can blame all of the other cheaters who came before you for ruining any second chances you could've had. Next time, don't cheat.
does this work?
If you have a new computer and a new Steam account and a new copy of Rust, and you remove all your hacks and don't install more again, you should be able to play the game again without fear of a ban. "New" means changing enough of the computer to be different -- I don't know just how different it is, but if you were to replace the motherboard, CPU, and RAM but keep the same video card I'm guessing it'd count as a new machine, but I don't know for sure because I don't cheat. Until then, don't bother buying new copies of Rust on the same computer you cheated on, you'll just be wasting your money and getting banned almost immediately. Remember not to cheat in the next game you buy (unless it's single-player with no online leaderboards or anything, you can cheat if you want, that doesn't hurt anyone).
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