• Internet connection unplayable after wipe
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Got back into rust after a couple month break and played for a week just fine. After the wipe thursday right when i launch rust my connection goes to shit, in the servers its unplayable i lag back every 30 seconds and people rubber band and stand still and it takes forever to open chests/ doors then it updates and people teleport to their proper location. All my other games work just fine and this occurs on multiple servers. I notice my internet starting to go bad right when i get into the main menu. Anyone know a solution? I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling and unpluging my router/ resetting it.
check the ping delay to the server.... but having siad that.......... I'm 6ms away from a server using optical & i too have see the rubber banding.. in the last two updates. so i suspect some changes to the game client
Its definitely my ping but what I don't understand is why its only rust. I can play other games for hours on end with no problem and right when I exit out of rust my internet is good again. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/382419/46a95d2e-6aa5-4f6c-88c0-34cad92d56db/rustping.png
get some os level pings get the ip of the server get a "traceroute" to the server
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