• Server not showing up in server list
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I've started a server and it doesn't seem to be found in server list. It's with oxide, and I've seached it in modded too, I can connect to it with the ip, and other friends can too, but aas it's not showing in the server list it's impossible for anybody else to find it. A lot of people had this problem but I didn't find any answers, what can I do to resolve it?
I had the same problem I made a modded Solo only server on a spare pc in my house, I had to open the dmz to my server. You can try forwarding ports udp-tcp 28015 -28016
this seems to be a repeat post......, there are many other posters with the same problem.
I also have that problem and i dont have a fix for it, meanwhile my friends play on the servers i cant join or see
I have a pretty massive server with extra resources so what the heck.. I'll put up a Vanilla rust server I am using LinuxGSM and I am able to connect using client.connect Steam Package: Rust Dedicated Server · AppID Server is running fine but I am still not showing up on the list. I heard that FP banned whole IP blocks could that be the reason or am I missing something else?
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