• Crashing on startup and when joining server
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Starting up the game will cause my disk usage to reach 100% and Rust stops responding. If I wait for a couple of minutes the game might start to load up if it doesn't crash and I can reach the main menu. If I then try to change my graphics settings Rust will stop responding. If I try to join a server the same thing will happen as when I try to start up Rust. If I'm able to join a server I'll get horrible fps, 100% cpu usage instead of disk usage, and attempting to change any of my graphics settings will make Rust crash instead of just not responding. Specs: Windows 10 i5 4460 3.2 GHz 16GB DDR3 GTX 760
well first off........ I would run a disk scan to check the disk..(s) Next..... be aware that WHEN your game is out of date... RUST/ STEAM will force a complete new copy to be downloaded, this is then switched over to and the cache files cleared..... now... here is a caveat.. (or it was as of a couple of weeks ago) IF you interrupt or run out of temp free space the OLD cache files are NOT cleaned up... and the process starts again...... so it is possible to have multiple copies of incomplete game files/updates downloaded..... if and when it launches correctly it will self clean...... i got into a situation of over 30GB of temp files... I ran into this on my own system.. took me a couple of hours to figure it out, clean it up etc...... Be clear that if your disk backed ram cache file is Not managed by the computer... that too can cause serious problems.... as too can "winblows" updates/ port/films/ streaming downloading in the background......
I ran a disk scan and there weren't any issues. I don't think it's an issue with the temp files since it's still happening after removing everything and reinstalling windows. I haven't had the issue with any other game or program
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