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Hi there, I am having a issue with EAC and it not working at all with my system. Whenever I go to launch rust, EAC will show in my process list/service list.. it will sit there then it disappears and rust closes/doesn't open. Specs Intel i7-6700k @4ghz GTX 1070 @ 8gb 32 gb memeory 500 gb SD 2 tb HDD Windows 10 1803 os build 17134.472 I have rust installed on my D: drive under D:\Steamapps\common\rust\ blah blah. I have uninstalled EAC completely and reinstalled it using the EAC folder in the rust installation location. Restarted my pc. Disabled my DEP policy completely. Reinstalled it. Uninstalled rust, reinstalled rust. Verified the files. I have no 3rd party anti virus. Currently windows defender is off completely except real time protection which enables itself automatically after being set to off for a bit. I have attempted disabling Real time protection and reinstalling EAC. Same thing. Honestly I'm at the point now where I feel like reinstalling my OS is the only option. But I am not going to reinstall my OS to deal with this AC. I will just move on and avoid any games using EAC. I am at the point now where I turn to the online community to see if anyone else has any ideas on what to do here. If so please inform me and I will let you know if it helped out. And hopefully be able to build a thread on everything to try to do to help others whom may have the issue in the future.
I'm not Rust staff, so I'm not very knowledgeable around this. But it's probably a good idea to contact EAC themselves, as they might have a solution. https://www.easy.ac/en-us/#contact
You are having the same issue as a handful of us. Nothing seems to be working at all. Roll backs, removing updates, adding updates, closing all non essential background tasks etc. I now have a ticket in with EAC
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