• Horrible FPS and lag spikes on Rust with not-bad hardware?
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I've been trying to find out what is wrong with my computer and/or my Rust. My computer is running an I5 8300h and a GTX 1050 2gb (8gb of ddr4 ram). I have searched up many benchmarks with nearly and/or the same hardware and even worse setups but can run Rust on max settings with 30+ frames and lower at 60+. With my setup I can not run my game on potato with everything turned off without horrible lag spikes and bad FPS. I've already gone through the possibility of the game running on my integrated graphics but I have done every troubleshoot regarding that I found. I am confused and just really want to play Rust, any ideas?
8GB of RAM is the minimum and 16GB is fairly necessary at this point. There have also been some performance issues lately, from what I'm seeing in threads being created in the last few weeks. Make sure your Windows page file max is set to at least 1.5x your RAM. Ideally set the minimum to the same value and restart to preallocate it on disk to save time when Rust needs it.
So the best way to fix this is just more ram?
In terms of things you personally can do, more RAM is probably the most effective option. Ideally the performance issues will all get bottled up and fucked out a window sooner or later, but you'll have to sit tight waiting for the devs to get that done.
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