• Rust does not start at all.
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Hi, I got 500 horus played on rust in early stage. I just downloaded it today agian, and it wont start at all. This is what happens when I try to start it. 1) A loading screen loads 2) A Rust configuration square is visible, where I can select resolution, Graphic Quality and so on.... 3) When I press play, the config disapers, and then nothing more happens.... My spec SSD disk Windows 10 x64 Nvidia GTX 1070 AMD Ryzen 7 2700X What can I do to get Rust to start? Thanks
Well you are getting further than a handful of us. If you scroll down and look at the handful below yours you will see many of us never even get the config/graphics options popup.
I dont know how your answer is helping me......
I just installed Rust on my media computer with this spec: Windows 10 x64 Intel i7-4790K 8GB DDR3 Nvidia GT 610 And rust started fine on that machine. So why does it not start on my gaming rig? Anyone has some suggestions?
Have you tried verifying game files through steam and reinstalling the game ?
Yes, done that like 10 times :/
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