• Server don't appear nor can i join them.
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So i have been playing rust over a year , and from the start of this year i can't join any servers sometime they don't even appear to me i play on a mobile router other games play just fine (for ex: Csgo , smite, Kiling floor 2 , Rainbow Six) with 30/40 ping if someone can help me i would appreciate it ! System specs: CPU: I5 8600K GPU: ASUS 1070 TI RAM:16GB 3000MHZ SSD: Crucial MX500 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200rpm Network Card:TP-Link Wireless N 150Mbps PCI-e
(Moving this thread to the help section) What have you tried to do? Try verifying files, reinstalling the game. Deleting the EAC folder and then verifying files. Make sure your firewall isnt blocking anything. Try using a wired connection. Try joining servers via their IP (client.connect [ip address])
Uninstalling easy anti-cheat , verifying files too , firewall is okay EAC rust and Rust client have permissions, and client connect says connection fail also (I have a mobile Router it only has WiFi connection btw)
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