• IP Blocked on main servers?
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Hello, one morning like a week ago i was farming on Rustafied-hapis, i didnt encounter anyone it was all gentle and then server crashed, since then i am IP Blocked for no reason on most of the major Rust servers. I wish to be unblocked and continue my gameplay, is that possible?
READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/..
why would ive been ban for no reason? i have nothing to be banned for ive been playing legally for 2.8k hours and its my favorite game, no reason that i should be banned and if it is the case then the devs are fucking morons doing this to me
IF you have in fact been banned by the Rust devs, it would have been for something you did, so IF it happened you deserved it. But you would be specifically told that you are banned if you have been banned, by way of a message telling you you are banned, and your Steam profile showing a ban. If you are not banned in that way, then the devs didn't do fuckall and something else is fucking up your shit so calm down. Also if a server admin decides to ban you then nobody but that admin can do a fucking thing about it so if it isn't a game ban and it isn't a technical issue it's your problem. What is the error message you receive when trying to join servers?
Hello, sorry im not trying to be rude, this situation just angers me. The way my game broke is that when the server crashed i logged off rust and tried to came back two days after, i couldnt see the server showing up nor the other rustafied/reddit/rustopia.. instead of having over 60 official server i now only see 32 of them. When i try to connect to Rustafied - Hapis it says disconnect connection failed, as if the server blocked my IP. I tried alot of stuff to be able to make it happen, and I can only play if i use my VPN.
Have you rebooted your router since this started happening? I found your Steam account, you have no bans so the devs didn't do anything. This sounds like a technical issue, not a punishment.
Its the first time i come across something like that i have no clue, yes i restarted my router nothing works, i even did port fowarding for rust, changed cables called my internet provider to check on my packet loss or something, when i ping rustafied servers with command prompt. it doesnt reach ive been asking for help left and right but nobody seems to be able to help me to this day
I suggest you first let the server list load for 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes. It shouldn't need 10 minutes but humour me and give it a try.
yeah i i also tried to afk and wait for servers to show up, its really a thing that the rustafied servers blocking my ip
If that is truly what's happening, then this is a problem between you and the Rustafied admins and nobody on this forum can help you.
Virus Checker maybe blocked the game ?
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