• Rust crashes during loading
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I have just bought this game and i am unable to play due to the game crashing when joining a game and sometimes when the game is launched, all my drivers are up to date , i have verified steam files and tried moving the game to my SSD with no result. Here is my log file Rust
If you only have 8GB of RAM, that's probably why. Make sure everything non-essential (such as a web browser) is closed before you launch Rust. As crazy as it sounds, 8GB is starting to be not enough for games.
I am launching with just Rust and Steam open , surely i could at least load in with 8gb?
Make sure your Windows page file settings are set correctly. And by correctly I mean at least 8GB max. If your page file is set to 0 min/0 max, this will crash Rust when it runs your 8GB of RAM out and needs more when there is no more available.
Just set my page file to 12GB with the same result , i am just going to wait for the next update to see if that fixes it as i am not the only one experiencing this
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