• Servers not showing in list. Not for anyone. (Known issue)
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Hello survivors, Like many server owners might know. There's a ton of forum posts all around the web about servers that are not showing up in the server list. Not just because there are other servers showing up, but even after using the search bar on the bottom right, it just won't show up. However, connecting to the server using f1 -> direct ip isnt an issue. Everywhere there's a lot of solutions, but none of them seems to work. Most solutions are: Reinstall server files, change host location/ host. Add some line of crap into your start.bat file. Contact server administrator. New IP adress and stuff like that. However, none of the above seems to be the solution we're all looking for. Is there anyone on the official facepunch forum's, perhaps an admin (That would be great). That could shine his/her light on this issue. Anyone that perhaps could help me, and many other server owners out. Both me and many other server owners would be so gratefull. <3
Right now I'm having the exact same issue, so here is what i have found so far: I have 2 servers running from the same IP. One vanilla and one modded. Both showed up in the right sections inside the Rust Client server list from the start up to a few days ago (2 i think). Nothing has changed on my server, neither on my firewall settings etc etc The servers can still be connected directly, just not found in the client server list When i refresh the server list inside the Rust client I get a total of 4589 servers (official + community + modded) When, at the same time, i check the server list at http://playrust.io/ it looks like its pulling a live list but i get a grand total of 7702 servers I checked if my ip was listed in the ban section of the manifest as supplied by facepunch, it's not. When i check my server at battlemetrics.com it shows at the country field an EU flag (as it should, i would prefer a NL flag though.. but ok ) When i check my server at playrust.io it actually shows my server with an US flag So.. my server is running in the google cloud, external ip is an google provided ip, i have it PTR'd back to my own FQDN. The server is located in the Dutch Google Cloud Datacenter. As it looks like the rust client is not giving the full server list, the difference with playrust.io is about 3K+... so that is NOT the amount of blacklisted servers. I don't seem to have any regional options inside my client besides i doubt very much that 60% of the total server list would be regionally located inside the EU. But somehow the rust client DOES seem to filter the list... how, what or even why?
Recently spun up a new server in Sydney AU (I'm located in the US) -- unable to see this server inside of the client, however, players within the region have no issues seeing it. I'm curious if there's some form of regional filter occurring?
If it is actually occuring, the regional filtering, they should change the system. GeoIP locating a server these days with more and more cloud services becoming a fact is no longer accurate to say the least. It would be much better if a server owner could set a startup option to tag the server to a certain region.
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Since last update/wipe on the 3rd both my servers are showing up in the list again..... weird. We will see how long this time.
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