• Rust resolution change itself to 1080p
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How can I fix this, It wasn't doing this before, It was working fine, Now It's changing itself to a higher one, Need a fix! I know I should change the desktop resolution from nvidia or whatever but there's no other solution to this?
Whats the resolution you have set for when the little launcher window appears?
I have the same issue and is so annoying cause i have to quit the game and open again, and we all knows how many time it takes. i play with 1366x768 res not windowed and i have that problem very often. Sometimes when i'm logging in a server, sometimes when i switch one or just when i'm playing. I cannot play in 1920x1080 cause i have less than 30fps. The problem in window mode doesn't exist.
Same issue here I got a crappy intel graphics card so i play at 720 but it changes to 1080 all the time out of nowhere
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