• Insane fps drops
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I have a gtx 1060 i6 7300hq and for the first week it ran fine now i get massive fps drops if i even move is there any sort of fix as its really annoying as i enjoyed the game now its un fun and constantly dropping
How much RAM do you have?
8 but this is littearly an issue that has jjust happend it was fine until a few daysd ago
when I upgraded from 8gb to 16gb there was a huge difference in performance, especially random drops
I have 16 gbs and still have random fps drops, not sure if it's the case
DDR3 or DDR4? And what clock speed?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/174247/43bd7a94-75df-4c5a-b06d-0802301c0805/Captura de Ecrã (175).png Lo and Behold it doesn't say what type it is, which is amazing. I looked into my system shite and it only said 16Gigs too. I'm using some ram because lots of tabs open.
Install Speccy, it'll tell you. It's a safe program to use, no ads or malware shit. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2304/0ec72e4b-c906-4d13-a50d-f97192bbecd6/image.png
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