• EAC failing to launch with Rust
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Hey, So I've had a bit of a trial of issues with Rust. I recently reformatted my PC and when I launched Rust, the game client would load, but it would be empty. I could click between the different tabs, but nothing would load. Servers, stats, inventory. If I ran RustClient.exe from the install folder, I could access all of those things, but I couldn't join any servers due to an EAC authentication failure. After looking around, I thought it might have been my network driver, since it comes with a network manager integrated, and I couldn't remove one without also removing the other. Reinstalling/verifying Rust did nothing. I order a new network card, install it, and now I'm getting an entirely new issue. Whenever I start Rust, EAC pops up with Error Code 30004 (Unexpected error. (WaitForSingleObject failed: 2)) This also stalls the EAC service, and I can't terminate it, either through the Services console, or through command prompt with a taskkill. I have to reboot the PC if I want to try anything again. Windows is up to date as of today, I've done another reinstall of Rust, and reinstalled EAC in every way I can think of. Does anyone have any idea on how I might go about resolving this? Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any advice. Error log from the EAC crash follows: GameID: 12 (32bit) Windows Version: 10.0 (Build 16299) Error Code: 30004 Process Exit Code: 0h UUID: 4cc1214e-9c95-0b2f-24bf-bca34e746431 Processes list: audiodg.exe conhost.exe corsair.service.cpuidremote64.exe corsair.service.displayadapter.exe corsair.service.exe csrss.exe ctfmon.exe dashost.exe dllhost.exe dwm.exe easyanticheat.exe explorer.exe fontdrvhost.exe gamebarpresencewriter.exe lsass.exe memory compression msascuil.exe msmpeng.exe nissrv.exe nvcontainer.exe nvdisplay.container.exe nvidia share.exe nvidia web helper.exe nvsphelper64.exe nvtelemetrycontainer.exe powershell.exe runtimebroker.exe rust.exe searchindexer.exe searchui.exe securityhealthservice.exe sedsvc.exe services.exe shellexperiencehost.exe sihost.exe smss.exe spoolsv.exe steam.exe steamservice.exe steamwebhelper.exe svchost.exe taskhostw.exe taskmgr.exe wininit.exe winlogon.exe wmiprvse.exe
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