• :( gtx 1050 fps drop
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My system eats fps drop in the game but it just does not bother in other games in this game  My specs Ryzen 3 2200g Asus prime b450-a msı gtx 1050 gaming x Crucial 8GB Ballistix Sport LT GRAY v3 DDR4 2400Mhz CL16 x1 1tb hdd no sdd windows 10 pro
The 1050 is not a powerful GPU. It's going to have trouble in Rust, which is not a particularly well-optimized game.
You've never seen a game like this.
I feel like you're using Google Translate based off of the phrasing. It's not really clear what you're trying to say.
8GB of RAM is the minimum to run that game, so that doesn't help. Shut down any browsers or other programs that use lots of RAM before playing Rust.
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