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I just bought the game like 3 or 4 days ago and I can't play, I've been several hours trying to enter to a server. I managed to enter and it crashes when it does. I played the game before like 250 hours bc a friend steam shared it to me, but now I can't.
Verify the integrity of game files. What have you tried? Have you tried reinstalling? Also, speaking as a mod, use a more descriptive title next time.
What Pc specs you got
Yes, I reinstalled the game and I still can't join any server. And sorry, I didn't know about the help sub.
Yeah, good luck playing rust with that specs.
I did read min system requirements, but I have the graphics at the lowest and I used to play it and it runned fine.
Hmm, with those specs you will struggle to run rust. For a start I personally recommend 16bg ram to run rust well and you only have 4
I don't think it's because of the specs, like I said, I could play before, and that was like 4 or 5 months ago.
With how much FPS? I used to play on a laptop that had 8 GB ram and I used to get 20fps so it was pretty poor
I don't know how much FPS I had but it was decently playable.
Press f1 in game to access console and type "perf 6" to get a real time display of technical stats: fps, ping, ms etc
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