• Heavy stuttering on gaming laptop - unplayable
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Hi, Having crazy amounts of stutter and freezing which is making the game unplayable. They start when I spawn on the beach and they never stop. Every 1-2 seconds the game stutters or chokes and every 4-5 seconds theres a second or two which the screen is frozen. Although the game itself runs on high settings on 70-80 FPS stable, it still stutters. Changing the graphics settings changes FPS, stuttering and freezing will STILL BE THE SAME, no matter the settings. I have a MSI GL73 8RC Gaming Laptop, Windows 10 Intel Core I7 8750H @ 2.2GHZ 8 GB of RAM Game is installed on SSD through a new directory, Steam and all others are on HDD. Geforce GTX 1050 So far I've tried messing with everything, from Launch Settings in Steam all the way to registry edits and Nvidia Control Panel editing. I'm clueless how a 1300€ PC can't handle rust. Please help me, thanks.
I recommend upgrading your RAM. 16gb is much better
It's a laptop. Can I even upgrade my ram?
Yes you can, your laptop supports up to 32gigs of ram Specification for GL73 8RC | Laptops
But is it about the ram? My desktop has 8 aswell and my friends too, theirs play super good. Why doesn't mine? I have much better gpu and cpu.
What ram speed do they and you have on the desktop, what gpu do they have, is the game installed on SSD on the pc?
On my desktop I had radeon 6870, and an I5 2500k. 8GB ram aswell. Game was on HDD. Not sure about RAM speed, but I'm more than 100% sure this laptop has faster ram speed. I'm sure this isn't about ram speed, whén I got the laptop it was working quite ok, after every update it got worse and worse, now its completely unplayable. The stutter is CRAZY. It freezes my game completely until it crashes my whole PC. The laptop is 3 months old aswell, so pretty much brand new.
Well then, I don't know what else could be an issue. It works fine for me with some stutters since im only on 8 gigs, but It ran amazing with 16 gigs of ram, then again i have a bit better specs.
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