• Using multiple switches for power output bug
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Here's my issue: You see these two sets of switch setups shown below? They output 158 watts (I'm calling the power number out watts cause idk what else to call it) and they always will during the day. Now I needed more power so I made a 3rd switch setup but ran into an issue. For some reason it only outputs 78 watts. It’s identically set up like the previous two and I spent over an hr trying to figure it out and I couldn’t get it to work right. Today I made a 4th to try and replicate the issue again and I did but again HOWEVER the 3rd switch (show below) is now outputting 158 watts and before I started the 4th switch it was only outputting 78 watts. This is the 4th switch (shown below) now doing 78 watts while the 3rd is now doing 158 To recap: during the initial setup of the first two switches I didn’t have the 78-watt issues on the second switch. I set up the two switches two days ago (01/07/2019) with no issues both outputting 158 watts. Yesterday (01/08/2019) I made the third switch and ran into the 78-watt power issue. Today (01/09/2019) I looked at the same switch and saw it was still outputting 78 watts. After confirming the issue was there after getting off for the night and a server restart, I made the fourth switch to replicate the third switch’s issue and was able to do so; however, when looking at the third switch today after making the fourth switch it was at 158 watts. Below is the setup I used to create my power switches. See link for pictures: Power output bug in Rust.docx
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