• extremely bad micro stuttering and low fps!
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hi, I have recently built a new pc and am experiencing very bad micro stuttering and low fps while playing rust (rust is the only game i have an issue with). I have looked everywhere but could not find an appropriate solution to my problem. my pc specifications are as follows: -GTX 1060 6GB -ryzen 5 2600x @ 3.60 -8gb DDR4 @ 3000 -msi B450 Gaming Plus any relevant information will be greatly appreciated.
Rust is then again the only game you're playing where over 200 players at the same time are making bases, rading and doing whatever while having quite amazing graphics at the same time, so obviously issues are expactable. I can suggest you to upgrade to 16gigs of ram for better experience and to install Rust on SSD.
thank you for your response. i will be sure to do that.
Until you have that extra RAM, make sure you are running Rust with as little open as possible -- make sure to close browsers, etc. before launching the game.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6QG5o88FPk for me i had the same shit ... i found fix ... mobo update
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