• Please help me understand this crash!
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All of a sudden, the following has been occuring. If left unchecked, the server will eventually crash due to the console being spammed by the error. Error: Server Exception: Building Manager NullReferenceException BaseEntity.WorldSpaceBounds () (at <53fd1ca1946a436989367b4548c3e2bf>:0) BaseEntity.GetBuildingPrivilege () (at <53fd1ca1946a436989367b4548c3e2bf>:0) DecayEntity.GetBuildingPrivilege () (at <53fd1ca1946a436989367b4548c3e2bf>:0) DecayEntity.DecayTick () (at <53fd1ca1946a436989367b4548c3e2bf>:0) ServerBuildingManager.Cycle () (at <53fd1ca1946a436989367b4548c3e2bf>:0) ServerMgr.Update () (at <53fd1ca1946a436989367b4548c3e2bf>:0) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception, Object) ServerMgr:Update() Please help me understand what the heck this means?? Running latest server build with latest oxide. Modded server, PvE. If you need any other info, let me know. Thank you!
Please help! We can't keep the server running long and it's killing our playerbase!
What happens without Oxide running? Because if Oxide is causing the crash, that's the problem and Facepunch can't help you. If the vanilla server is crashing without mods, then that's a problem the devs can address.
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