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hello all i need your help why my server dont show on commonity hub i connect from console is conect working good but dont show on community why ? http://prntscr.com/mc9ifh screen here and fps many time 230 many time drop to 160 thank you i need to show server on community
Is it portfowarded? moving this to the help section
all port what needed i enable and firewall disnable but dont show how to do it
If you are looking for friends to join then join yourself and see if they can connect via "friends"
bro i told u server working connect with ip on console is working good but i need to show on community server how to do it i dont put nothing or any plugin
It should fix it's self. Like he said you should make sure it is port-forward Just because the server is up and running dose not mean that your server is port-forward.
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