• I'm faster than I should be
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Hi. I connected to my server yesterday and noticed that I'm 2x, maybe more faster while running. Server keeps kicking me for fly hack and abnormal activities. I reinstalled game, verified integrity of game files, nothing helped. I didn't do anything with game files and I didn't download any cheats. Can't play now, can someone help me?
I didn't say make another thread. And you still posted in the wrong place.
So where tf should i post it? I just need help lol
In the help section. Where I moved it both times. It's likely a mod on the server that increases movement speed anyway.
Ok, thanks for noticing it. But I ay only on vanillas and I'm only one that has problem like this
Interesting bug, have you sent an in-game bug report?
Yes I did.
Submit a request – Facepunch Studios
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