• How to improve my server?
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I run a small server and the general gist of it is that its normal rust but the variables have been changed to make it easier such as lower heli accuracy, higher animal pop, decreased Chinook timer., all of this to make it easier but keep it unmodded. I have a couple of questions. First, is it possible to nerf the scientists in the game, such as lower accuracy or health. Two, is it possible to install something as an admin to allow myself to monitor players more easily, I know the spectate function but every time I respawn I am stuck no matter what, just hovering over where I respawned or if I need to know where the player is, the map is stuck. There is the invisible mod but I assume that would take my server to the modded section which I do not want. And last, is it possible to somehow have a permanent language filter, I use Rust Admin to do that but whenever I close the application it stops immediately. If you know of any mods that won't move me to the modded section and how to install them it'd be a great help. Thanks
I also have a server and can help you in a lot of things, add me on discord: NotBad#0496
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