• Rust keeps crashing when joining a server
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I bought Rust on Steam but the only problem with it is when i join a server it loads the assets etc... but at a point it just crashes i tried everything from putting my game on the lowest quality to reinstalling the game and updating my drivers nothing works. My Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQU CPU 8 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 I would appreciate a response
First you have good specs besides ram. I would recommend you to upgrade to 16Gb. This is the only reason I can think of.
Im on laptop i cant upgrade it so easily :/
Well i don't know what laptop you have but 90% of the time you can upgrade your ram.
Ye thats true just i dont see why just bc of the ram i crash all the time trying to join a server
I I agree But every time I see a post like this the pc specs have low ram. Either way I would still upgrade to 16Gb for better performances in rust it dose make a big difference.
its useless if i cant join a server
When you game crashes when dose it crash when you are loading in. Or is it just random.
Can't get why people try and explain something in 10 comments about something that it isn't even true.. I have the same problem mate, literally just bought the game.. can't join any server. Quite a waste of money.. Be sure it is not from your RAM memory, i guarantee you that. This is supposed to be a new, optimised game, how can some people say that you can't join a server because 8 GB of RAM is too low.. )
when im loading in
Yo its fine m8 i got it running it just worked all a sudden+
Hey, question, did you close other programs before launching Rust when it started working? Also, can you tell me how much virtual memory is allocated? If you have 8GB of RAM and you don't have enough virtual memory available, Rust will run the system completely out of memory, ask for more, and crash dead on the floor when the system literally cannot give it any more memory.
Ye i did close all other programs
That's probably it. Definitely close programs that use tons of memory, like web browsers, before launching Rust. It needs as much memory as your computer is able to give it.
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