• Can't connect to any rust servers
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Hello all! I've had rust for about 4 months now, and logged 578 hours on my computer since then. Today, all of a sudden, I am entirely unable to connect to any servers. The game launches just fine but every time I try to connect to a server it starts up, and then after about a minute (regardless of what is happening in the loading process) it gives me a "Connection: Timed Out" error. This happens regardless of the server. I uninstalled and re-installed the game, with no change. I found a fix online involving uninstalling EasyNoCheat as an administrator, reinstalling it in the same way, and then running Steam's "verify integrity of game files," also to no change. During launch I double checked in the CMD under NET and it showed the current, average, and lowest ping all three as -1. I'm entirely unsure of what to do at this point as everything else on my system can connect to the internet without issue. Separately, after I started having this issue I happened to upgrade my internet service to be faster. I've tested it in everything else I could imagine on the same computer and found noticeable difference, but no change to the timed out error in Rust. System specs: intel Core i5 8gb RAM EVGA nvidia gtx 750Ti 1tb HDD As I mentioned I've never had any issues running the game on "fast" graphics mode with motion blur turned off, this problem just started this morning with no noticeable change.
Open up the game, go to the server browser, select the server you intend on joining, and then wait for 10 minutes. Let the computer sit and go get a sandwich or something. Then try joining the server and see if it works. I am not suggesting that you should always do this, but it will give us an idea on if the server browser is flooding out your Internet connection.
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