• Descriptions of the monuments.
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I watched the video of another player and noticed that they have inscriptions on the map. I do not have such inscriptions. Even now, in the next topic, the person leads a screen where he has inscriptions on the map. Actually, where are mine? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/428816/a1c5686d-b3e3-4017-b671-708fb42edcce/Rusft.png Example of another player: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/428816/924948d9-33aa-4e93-b40f-6b3ee3995ce4/image.png
Maybe it can be toggled on or off in the menu. Not sure, but did you check?
No. I check.
I wouldn't be surprised if they were playing on modded servers that enhance gameplay.
Thanks for nothing. I had to look for what was the matter. There are no labels because of the switched language. Apparently, the developers translated the names of the monuments, but their map does not show the names in Russian. Apparently the encoding does not allow. Now we need to somehow convey this information to the developers and hope that they will correct it. (a miracle happens) For comparison - in Minecraft since the release, everything else did not fix the fonts of the Russian language, which were lost in 2011. In 2011 there was a release, the problem is still in the game. Just developers don't care about a non-native language. Regardless of the huge audience.
hello? On Russian language, map don’t have any labels. I say it two mouths ago. Example on first post.
If you want to make sure the devs see your report, you should contact them directly instead of hoping they read a single thread on a busy community forum.
Busy community forum... one thread per day in help section...
And plenty of threads in the main Rust section. And this is a community forum; the Rust devteam does not spend every free minute of their day here, and this forum is only one of the several places that the Rust community gathers. You can argue with me while you wait for the devs to notice this thread, or you can listen to me and put your request directly in the devs' inbox. Up to you.
I did as soon as I read your first answer.
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