• Nevmesh error since update
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It started when it said Failed to sample navmesh. And now all it does, is post the following in server console "SetDestination" can only be called on an active agent that has been placed on a NavMesh. Any idea's?
Is this on a vanilla or modified server?
Its on a modded server, but I removed all the mods to test & it still persists.
Good afternoon. Today, i have installed a new fresh installation for a rust server and this set destination popup is also happening here. To keep everything clean, ill add the whole spam session in a paste bin. This will be linked down below. ( also included server logs itself with error lines ) This happens as soon i installed oxi, no plugins are installed yet or other weird edits. As i searched on google, it seems something to be with a 3d unity error. Tried to delete oxi and re downloaded it but this spam session is still remaining. The map size is 3000 The map seed is 1458 Rust servers are hosted on a dedicated game server for a good 4x 200 players max rust server. Asked partner about a hardware check and everything seems to be okay over there. if more information needed, please hook me up. You know how to contact me. Cheers and happy easter! navmesh error
Hi, i would just like to input i as well have the above warnings in server console. Players are reporting lag issues on the servers i catch this warning spamming the console in. I have a hosted test server where i completely removed all mods, reinstalled fresh new server non oxide and the next time it rebooted it also was spamming the warns in server console. This seems to have went on for quite awhile now. We are being told thru the modded community that killing the scientist on the Large Oil Rig platform is fixing the console spam, until next server reboot. Seems to work for some server owners, but those with 12 hour reboots are finding it difficult to deal with daily. I submitted a FacePunch bug report ont his topic a couple of weeks ago with as much detailed information as i could possibly provide to them, awaiting a response. I was hoping to find some discussion regarding looking into this known issue, as it at this time is Wide Spread.
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