• Anyone has same problem like me wit "SetDestination" error?
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After latest update when I try to run server (My server is moded) I have spam of "SetDestination"can only be called on active agent. Is there a fix for that or not? Regards Kankis
yes i also have the same problem don't know how to fix it
@worldoftanks666 is your server modded? and are you usin any provider for your server?
Have you updated your mods? Because if you didn't then I'm going to assume the update broke them and you need to update them. You should assume every official patch is going to break your mods.
@elix That is strangest as soon as I install oxide it's starts
I got this. Apparently AI_Enable "False" is the cause. Removing AI Scientists from your server, also breaks the server. It seems the oil rig update prevents you from disabling AI scientists.
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