• rust crashing on mac after last update
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System: Mac Pro (4,1) OS: 10.11.6 Never had an issue before this. After the Match 7th update, I can launch Rust, but the majority of the panels (where the latest blog usually appears, recent servers on the left, etc) in the opening screen are blank. I can find my server via the server browser, but when I choose it the server details do not load into the popup. I can click Connect but the game always crashes to desktop at the "skinnable warmup" portion of the loading process every single time. I cannot get past it. I've verified game files and ensured I have the latest nvidia drivers for my version of os x. I own and admin a server and can no longer get into the game. Please help!
To make sure, you do not have a Steam launch option enabled to force OpenGL, correct?
no, launch options are empty in steam
I have a similar issue on mac since the update. The game open to a black screen. I can hear sound of the background music but nothing else. I have tried: Reinstalling 3/5 times Verifying files Windowed mode different graphics/resolutions Mac is updated to latest High Sierra i have 12gb ram i5 Video of error here: https://youtu.be/6hGp26OOtbE Log here output_log.txt
See my attached output_log as well, if that helps diagnose anything: output_log.txt
FP devs got back to me, said this is a known mac-wide issue that they ARE aware of and trying to get to bottom of. I'm hoping for a patch soon, even if it's a regressive patch that takes us back to vanilla openGL until they've ironed out the kinks. This is all assuming that Metal is the culprit w/ these issues.
Similar issue, the game itself will launch and everything appears normal until I attempt to join any game server. Upon a longer than usual load time it freezes usually somewhere around Swamps/Monuments, the screen begins to flicker wildly (btw good idea adding that seizure warning for just such a broken update). If your goal was Mac performance you kind of went the complete opposite direction now making the game completely unplayable. I hope quiet's post is correct and that they are aware and will be reverting this soon with a patch. Were not in beta anymore people, lets do some testing .
Adding my +1 as I am also having this issue. Having just fixed the Unity issues that were causing lots of crashes, we had a month of relatively stable play before enabling Metal made it not work at all - disappointing. Please include Metal support along with OpenGL. If you go Metal-only you will lock a large number of people out of the game that otherwise could play it just fine.
Do you think the solution is to try and support two different graphics APIs instead of making sure one works properly despite initial problems when first deployed? Any rational developer who faces supporting two APIs instead of one for one OS because people had technical difficulties the first patch of the switchover to a new API doesn't think so. It's not as if the devs are just going to call this done and leave for dead the Mac client with a rough Metal implementation.
Respectfully, I do think a temporary try/catch regression patch that gracefully falls back to openGL for clients that cannot use Metal (for whatever reason) would be advisable while they troubleshoot the root cause of the problem. I totally agree that it is not practical to support two APIs long-term, but I think it is equally irresponsible to ask those of us that are now completely locked out of the game to fold our arms and wait indefinitely and quietly. I spend a lot of time and effort maintaining and evolving my server into what I and my friends want out of Rust. Having that completely taken away could/would make most folks upset. Surely any one of us can relate to at least that level of my concern.
@quietconundrum, I completely agree. While it's not rational to expect them to support two API's I do agree a regression patch should have been implemented as soon as they realized it would take over several days to correct. I respect what obstacles and frustrations the Dev's are probably going through but at the same time this game is no longer in Alpha/Beta, this game is a fully launched product and these types of updates need more testing before implementation across platforms and quicker reaction time to issues. If a resolution cannot be accommodated within a timely manner the update should be reverted until a fix can be found.
can confirm that the mandatory client patch that released today (just moments ago) does not address this issue or provide a remedy. back to waiting.
Why do I continue to get my hopes up, the update was what a week ago at this point, it's looking like were going to miss a whole monthly wipe because Facepunch doesn't want to test their updates before launching. This is insane.
CONCLUSION: Finally received the death knell response from FP devs via email, saying "Running Rust on MacOS now requires use of Metal." It essentially confirms that there will be no API regression, no tandem APIs, or any further attempts to support older systems that cannot run Metal. I've urged them to please reconsider this line in the sand that they've drawn, because it will cause a dedicated segment of their player base to be abandoned. Forcing someone to purchase an entirely new system to keep playing your game is ridiculous. I've spent years on this game — nearly 3,000 hours of play — building custom servers, developing custom tools, and establishing a community and that has all been taken away from me. Nice one, FP.
They explicitly said they were moving from OpenGL to Metal and OpenGL support was off the table going forward. You're the one who convinced yourself that there was a chance they'd bend over even further and support dual APIs for Macs -- Macs being a tiny minority of the Rust install base as it is. Blame Apple for not supporting Metal across all installed revisions of its OS and operating on a company-wide culture of forced obsolescence. (Not that Microsoft isn't guilty of using DX11 and 12 as carrots to force people to upgrade their OS.)
I understand their roadmap. Respectfully, I hadn't convinced myself of anything, but was simply hopeful that there would be some sort of option versus being completely excluded from the game. I was never given 100% proof prior to this patch that the Metal integration would render the game unplayable for me. Because I have perfectly compatible nvidia video card, there was always a chance. It was another user in this thread that suggested dual API support, not myself. I had suggested, out of desperation, a temporary try/catch regression that would allow for contingencies or at the very least planning. Instead, I had the rug ripped out from under me. I also understand the OS demographics, but that doesn't make me any less deserving of value for the time, money, and effort I've invested in this game. I'm not jaded by the Apple brand and find the forced obsolescence just as infuriating as anyone else, and I do blame them. But my setup drives my career... I'm just lucky to get to play a game on it, too. And because I could play that game, I've spent years building so much around it. Losing that, regardless of the reasons or justifications, really sucks any way you look at it. You may be accustomed to typical Apple users and their blind loyalty and/or ignorant justifications for the expense and frustration, but I assure you I am anything but "typical." I rely on particular hardware and software to make my living. I know it isn't personal, but it sure does feel like it.
I have no particular prejudices regarding Apple users and I understand that it sucks to suddenly be compatibilitied-out of playing a game that you paid for and was working well enough before. Conflicting prerequisites are a bitch.
.....3942 hours of dedication to this game, putting up with a 3 year beta period and all the broken updates that came with it and the reward.... blind sided with an update that makes the game unplayable..... done. It was a good run Facepunch, had a lot of fun but think this is the last game i purchase from you.
Game breaking change with no advance notice or warning. Great stuff.
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