• Can't find any servers, or if I do find I can't connect to them
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I've been having this problem since the day I bought Rust. Basically if most of the times I can't even find a server, the server page is blank, if I manage to find a server, I can't connect to it. Usually I've fixed it by uninstalling the Anti-Cheat and installing it again and after that I always verified the integrity of game files. Sometimes it works, but today it didn't. I even tried to uninstall Rust and install it again, but it didn't work. This has been very frustrating, because sometimes it has taken me a couple of hours to even get to servers and play, but today it didn't work even after a couple of hours.
I've moved this thread to the right subforum. Please be careful where you post future threads.
Okay, sorry about that, this is my first post here and I'm still very new here and didn't know about that
Restart your router before you open Rust the next time you go to play, to see if that helps. It may or may not, depending on what the actual issue is.
I've been playing Rust for 2 weeks now without any big problems, the same problem occured only once in two weeks. I don't know what happened, but it all seems to be alright now
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