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ok so ive recently goten a new 2017 macbook pro (just before latest patch) and i can waited to play for the first time on new computer after patch but on my first time booting up rust on new system after selecting resolution and such and pressing play (very low and potato settings i know macs arnt gaming pcs) but all it showed was a black screen then the colour wheel cursor came up and the program quit. ive tried everything and looked every were, no one has had this problem so i have no idea if its the computer or the update. btw my older computer was a 2015 or 2014 mac cant remember but it played fine 40 to 30 fps both are laptops help guys
The new patch included a major change for Macs: Changing the graphics API from OpenGL to Metal. There are apparently a few significant issues caused by this change, the devs know about them, and they're working to fix them.
ugthecaveboy, You're not alone, while this last update was mean't to improve performance for Mac/Linux users, there appears to be some major problems with it as well. There's already been a thread opened regarding this issue and a number of players have reported similar symptoms including myself. Apparently the Dev's are aware and working on a fix for it, at this point all we can do is wait and hope it gets resolved quickly. The related thread can be found here: rust crashing on mac after last update
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