• Fixed Rust Config Settings?
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Any way of fixing the settings Rust Config opens up with? I seem to get better FPS if I load the game in 1280-720 window mode & then maximise it to 1920x1080 than if I loaded that res in window mode from the off. Just, it saves the res when I leave the game by menu, and if I reduce the window from full screen or close clicking the x, rust crash's & refuses to close for ages. I thought the resolution/settings would be saved in client.cfg, which I could just make it read only to solve my issue. However, no mention of resolution in the cfg file. So I'm curious to know where the game saves the resolution settings for rust configuration at start up. This is mainly for my kids who play this game & not technically minded. They struggle to get 40fps the way rust opens up for them. But if I load it up the way I do, they exceed 70fps. Again, I have no idea why, as it shouldn't work like that. But, this would save me lots of headaches of telling them how to open the game over & over again. Thanks in advance.
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