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Good morning. I'm new to rust and this forum. I started a server on my PC and have successfully joined and played in it. However, after trying many online directives I am still unsuccessful at assigning myself admin. Can someone give me a dumbed down version of how to accomplish this. So far, I've created a cgf user file, and used owner's in f1 tab. Any assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.
1. Go to your own Steam profile page, right-click, and click "Copy page URL" 2. Go to https://steamid.io/ and paste your profile URL into the "input..." box and press Lookup 3. Take the long number given as steamID64 and copy it; this is your Steam ID in base-64 4. Go to your Rust server console and type the following command ownerid <YOUR STEAMID64> If your Steam ID was 11112222333344445, for example, you'd type ownerid 11112222333344445 5. Once you have entered that command into the Rust console, type this command server.writecfg 6. Restart the server, you are admin now
Okay that's helpful. Now one last stupid question. Rust server console? Is that the coded black box that runs in the background while I play?
Yes. Alternatively, you could install an rcon (remote console) utility that would allow you to access the server's console without having to actually mess around in the server's actual window. There are at least a few options for Rust rcon tools and the instructions on how to install and use any one of them are a Google search away.
Ty Elix. Very helpful. Last query and we should be good. I followed online directions to wipe server. However the file listed to delete where players save their blueprints is not under server/my_server_identity/save......as a matter of fact in my case this /save doesn't show in my file listings at all. Again, you have been a wonderful help. I hope I'm not asking too much.
save.db is not a Microsoft Access database, to the best of my knowledge. I don't run servers so I don't have direct first-hand experience on managing manual wipes; my best advice is to look very carefully at the date of the instructions you're following, as some instructions are for Rust as far back as 2014-2015 when it wasn't even the same game and the server ran quite differently, and even more recent guides may be out of date. You should also make sure you are not following instructions for modded servers, as they may do things differently and give instructions that aren't applicable to you. Use of rcon does not make your server modded, by the way, and there are rcon scripts that enhance a server without modding it. (This is very limited, while full modding can do a wide range of things to modify how Rust plays -- but modded servers go in a separate server list as a result.)
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