• Starting up server showing a lots of Errors?!?!?!
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Okay, There two problem. One is in the CMD everything is duplicated so it shows two of everything it says like "Asset Warmup (3619/5412) Asset Warmup (3619/5412)" it shows it twice for some reason you can see this in the logs i posted on pastebin and Two am getting the error "(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug.bindings.h Line: 45)" spamming in console and some other errors/warnings Does anyone know how to fix any of my problems / errors Logs: Rust Server Errors Log
Haven't had anyone on this forum / site yet to help me once :|
If you expect near instant service on a Sunday morning from community members, you may have too-high expectations. Also I've had a ten-second glance at your posting history and people have definitely helped you before. If you want the community to respond, wait for someone to see this thread and answer. If you want contact with the developers for help, you need to submit a support ticket.
I think I might have similar issue, can't really think of a fix.. Startup log: [JavaScript] rust server error log
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