• Loot barrels on water
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This really needs fixing asap. It's so difficult to break open the barrels on the drifting planks on water & pressing E to collect them before they fall into the water. It's so laggy as well when you break open a barrel, it judders & then the loot falls into the sea. It's so bloody difficult to collect it in time. Surely this isn't how it's supposed to be? Also, the RHIB is really laggy when your trying to get into the drivers seat. You bob around without an ability to mount..
I can add that I hate the new rafts because they are very easy to fall off, and climb back interfere with standard chips of unity. The character jumps over the water, and falls into it without getting on the raft. And Yes, the developers still haven't thought of despawning rafts before cargoship. Apparently raft flying through cargo they like more.
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