• Can't join any servers
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I cant join any servers, not even the official ones, they all say server update required which I know is blatantly false when I can see my friends r online playing and im in a call rn with one of them and hes on the server. what do I do? ive uninstalled and reinstalled the anti cheat, verified the game filed multiple times. idk what else to do, someone please respond to this asap
You were probably in the midst of an update and the server hadn't updated yet. People can still remain on the server if it hasn't updated and they haven't updated yet, if you log on before that and the update is out and you auto update then you have to wait. Which by judging by the time you already are log on
there were no updates at the time of me trying to join
Are you still having this problem? Try verifying files and if that doesn't help fully reinstall the game. And if you still have problems after that try reinstalling on a different drive. Here is here to verify files
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